Why Telematics?

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Telematics is automation information that we have geared toward Commercial Vehicles, Construction Assets and Heavy Duty Trucks. We recommend our program to this market segment because of its capabilities. We can at anytime allow companies to view their vehicles performance, the drivers disposition, geographical location, driver hours of Service, fuel economy, vehicle speed, in-cab video footage, delivery details in REAL time…

The possible options are limitless; click on any of the vehicle preferences and observe the benefits of what our system has to offer your business.

What type of Business should consider Telematics…?

The Data collected by the telematics device, like the GPS position and speed of the vehicle, and the G-force measured by the built-in accelerometer, are sent in a packaged format to a data center. The data then gets decoded.

A vast amount of data can be collected via the telematics device and other connected hardware or sensors, such as position, speed, trip distance/time, idling, harsh braking and driving, seat belt, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, battery voltage, and other engine data.

Along with GPS navigation, integrated hands-free cell phones, wireless safety communications and automatic driving assistance systems all are covered under the telematics umbrella.

We monitor/record this data for you and our Fleet Reps report this information to you so that you dont have to make blind decision… Or your company can have full and complete access to this information for overview by a Fleet Manager at your Facility.

Any type of small business to large corporation, nonprofit organization and government agency operating vehicles or other assets can benefit from telematics.

Industries using telematics and fleet tracking technology (sample list):

  • Courier and delivery companies
  • Field sales and other services such as HVAC, plumbing, etc.
  • Towing companies
  • Trucking and transportation logistics
  • Construction businesses
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Transit fleets, such as motor coach, public transit, taxi, and paratransit
  • Oil, gas, and mining industries
  • Utilities
  • Police and emergency organizations,
  • Other public agencies
  • Landscaping businesses
  • Waste management fleets

Learn more about these specific applications for telematics by clicking on the vehicle that best matches your company’s vehicle application.